Bass Guide Service Discounts for Veterans and Senior Citizens, Florida

Here at PS Bass Guide Services Florida, we want our customers to know we extend our gratitude and recognize our Veterans or Baby Boomers.   Starting today, we announce discounts for Senor’s and Service members.  Reminder, those booking for tomorrow can visit our blog, to buy licenses or register for Trophy Catch Florida program/incentives program.
Predictions for Large Mouth Florida Bass 
  • Just another step away to Reel in Your Dream Catch.
  • Numbers will be caught on top water and plastics in the grass and pads. 
  • Plan on predictable: double digit bass caught for the next 45 days or mid-May. 
  • Shiner bait predictions–strong out of live well and fast free lining in the hydrilla.  
  • Night fishing starting to pick-up for black light enthusiasts throwing big thumping midnight spinner baits.