New: Ace Bass Guide Service

This tribute to Bill Weaver begins over three decades of support to thousands of Bass Angler enthusiasts who visited Central Florida. Even though he now plans to retire, Bill passes his enduring work and admiration to Paul Shenep of PS Bass Guide Services—who also shares the same values and passion of the sport. Paul’s experience in customer care and staying on fish has made their friendship of ten years even stronger while helping each other’s clients for the past two years. We bid farewell to Capt. Bill Weaver…, and trust his customers will not be forgotten as Ace Bass Guide Service continues the course, as a viable option, for the next generation of Lunker and TrophyCatch’s. ♠️ #fishing #fishinglife #fishing #fishingbuddies #fishingforthefuture #fishingveterans #fishingguide #fishing4veterans #fishing4bass #fishing4awareness Mission22.comAce Bass Guide Website