Free Boater Safety Course

With the many choices to get boater safety certified, go free!BOATUS

Just got a new boat or watercraft and need your free boating safety course completion?  After a simple register and in just a few hours of on-line study, then, test–boom! Your done! Yes, now your good for a lifetime on the water.  Why?  Everyone needs to know!  Besides, to rent a boat around the country is not as easy as once was.  More marinas are requiring the boater safety card now to lower the risk in renting  watercraft to non-trained operators.   The military also requires this same  boater safety certification to process so they can issue their own boat safety standard card.   After about a week waiting for the mail, with your boater safety card from your state in hand, the bottom line is your qualified, so negotiate for insurance premiums, it should be lower.  Good luck boater! Boater Safety Course