Bass Fisherman, Engineer, and Performer in Orlando Florida

Our latest client–Clint from Michigan, was a dedicated artificial lure bass fisherman. His fave seemed to be the buzz bait and he could cast 50 yards or better with any lure he chunked (spinner, Mullens (new bait like a Water Scout) and frog). The day we decided on was also the last cold front in Florida with winds 15mph out of the North that didn’t phase him one bit! We made the best of the excursion, learned a great deal about this traveling Engineer, and set out to catch a trophy.

We slowed our presentation down some and caught most of our fish from the front of the boat flipping and pitching in the pads and Kissimmee grass. Surprisingly we also came upon them schooling in a weed grass line but those fish were dedicated to pods of shiners and particular on the bite. Once the wind finally calmed down late in the day, we started dialing in to the fish and Mother Nature resumed her normal course in the Sunshine State.