Bass Eat Needle Fish that Inhabit Florida Waters

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Looking for a different approach to catching quality Florida strain Largemouth Bass? Certainly one my favorite and interesting prey fish for Large Mouth Bass in Florida is: the Needle Fish.  Occasionally one can spot a needle fish lurking over weeds near the surface.  The Needle Fish I accidentally snagged the other day was eight inches long, grayish back, white belly, one dorsal fin, and a huge snout that equaled a third of the length.  The snout or mouth of a Needle Fish is very pointy and are said to be related to the Gar family.  Ocean Needle fish are known to grow over a meter long and can leap out of the water a great speeds and rarely, fatally, stab people in boats as reported in several countries throughout the world.

There are several lure companies that make Needle Fish baits.  For a new technique in “matching the hatch”–the white belly of the Needle fish can be replicated by using a white eight inch trick worm.  Some fine tuning is needed for determining weight size while dragging the white worm through and over the weed bed mats.  Mimicking this prey fish could actually improve results for the Florida angler searching for a new technique in catching Florida Largmouth Bass.