Basser Brothers on Board!

Basser on board. Robert Kennedy and family had a day of R&R from Atlanta recently and dug into a couple nice fatties on Lake Toho, we had a blast. For years Robert and I fished competitively with our brothers at Carolina Bassers of Harnett County NC and he is now an active Bassmaster Federation member of the North Georgia Bass Anglers.

Robert used several plastics and the new Soft lipless Crank Bait from Glo-Pro Lures in Ghost Shad, landing him several in. the 3-4 pound range while Kevin concentrated on Wild Shiners These guys rocked and it was certainly nice to spend some time together catching-up. πŸ€™πŸΌπŸŽ£πŸ—½

Honors: Roberts step dad, Kevin Perkins landed his personal best here in the US at over 5+ lbs. Thank you for your business! #fishing4awareness @Mission22 #gloprolures #drophookapp

See you soon!

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