West Virginia Bass History

This fishing excursion started by Bill Weaver of Ace Bass Guide who recently retired and passed the work onto PS Bass Guide Services. Thanks for the great service in the past Bill, Wayne and Tootsie made the call and the rest is history. 🤙🏼🎣🗽❤

Two days with Wayne and Tootsie started with a solid bass bonanza on Big Lake Toho. As expected in March, the fish were staged next to the Reeds and Kissimmee Grass early, then not as formable once the sun peaked. The weather cooperated both days for many pictures for this West Virginia loving couple of over forty years! Wayne was on the hunt for a lunker bass using Wild Shiners. They both landed several nice bass and Wayne’s personal best (PB) at 5.9 pounds!

Wayne’s back ground in the Military landed him a nice discount on top of being a Senior Citizen. His claim to fame back home is from thirty years of Taxidermy work, mounting customers 10lb’r Florida Strain Largemouth that has eluded him on this trip, but perhaps not the next because Wayne and Tootsie are planning a week fishing next year.

Thank you both for a wonderful two days of fishing.

Equipment: Vexan Rods (Tackle Industries), braided line on circle hooks and bobbers.

Winds 10-15 SSW, Sunny, H2O 68-69′, temps were 58-82.

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