Heidi Swims a Senco

Back in the spring, Family member Heidi Shenep of the Ozarks visited Kissimmee with the notion of catching some trophy bass. She is certainly a novice fisherman and proved before she can out fish the men in the boat or body of water. Like she did on Pool 8 of the Mississippi with a swim jig in 2008.

This time her fishing skills certainly made a believer out of us while loading the boat on some quality large mouth bass on Kissimmee Chain. Heidi’s adaptability on learning new fishing techniques carries a remarkable and respectable amount of weight, she had several nice slabs of quality fish in the boat and never once lost a fish. Her efforts of just slow retrieving and reeling a stick bait (Senco) back to the boat made no difference to the bass. Boom, ba da ba boom! ><>

Losing a love one is never easy and my cousin Paul F. Shenep, Heidi’s husband, left us to be with our Father recently. They both became close family by the persistence of Heidi’s work with genealogy in early 1990’s and many visits to Wisconsin and Hawaii. Just like her mobility and depth with fishing, she brought the family much closer to the truth where bonding took on a new measure.

PS Bass Guide Service Client, HeidiPS Bass Guide Service Client, HeidiPS Bass Guide Service Client, HeidiPS Bass Guide Service Client, HeidiPS Bass Guide Service Client, Heidi

My warning to those who fish with Heidi Shenep, prepare to be humbled. Bring your “A” game or get hammered by a lady who can go all day, rarely bird nest a bait casting reel, nor waste any efforts trying your techniques. Thanks for visiting and God Bless the Shenep family.

In memory of Paul F. Shenep

11 April 1960 — 21 September 2014

3 thoughts on “Heidi Swims a Senco

  1. Heidi tackles fishing like everything else in life, with enthusiasm and gusto. I was blessed to work with Heidi for several years. She is a person of integrity and tackles her work, friends, and everything in life with the same initiative and genuine love. She is one rare individual!!!


  2. My bass fishing excursion was top notch and the best fishing I have had since my trip to see him in Wisconsin. Paul knows where to fish and finding the big ones. I will be back again soon to hone my fishing skills with Paul’s guidance and expert knowledge & experience thanks for a great time fishing!!


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