Hunter’s Charter Bass Fishing Trip Gone Wild!

Had the privilege to meet the Khun family for half a day of fun on a recent Bass Fishing Charter and witness the strong bonds and the love in hunting and fishing.  Most interesting was Burt, Hunter and Willy were visiting Orlando to support their dad/uncle (Burt) in his annual Tree Climbing Event and bass guided fishing trip in Central Florida.  After agreeing to meet at Lake Underhill due to the high winds (30-45 mph), we wasted no time and began our day on the far southwest side and anchored in 15 foot water.  Fished the entire water column for about an hour in the safety of the HWY 528 Bridge.  Next, we headed across the lake to my favorite spot as the wind seemed to subsided; however, had some difficulty holding in the wild westerly wind even while dragging the anchor through the thick hydrofoil on 100ft rope.  We then decided on moving to the northwest side and near the bridge again.  As options became limited, I said a silent prayer request for these men and cooperative fish.  Coincidence, hmmm, I think not–a few minutes later these men began to catch decent fish and I also became aware this was Hunter’s Kuhn’s Birthday!

Thanks for choosing us to be of service while making the wild and windy rounds on Lake Underhill with PS Bass Guide Service and look forward to your return in 2018.

2 thoughts on “Hunter’s Charter Bass Fishing Trip Gone Wild!

  1. What a great trip and story. Enjoyed it almost as much as fishing, but not quite. Sounds like an awesome fishing guide service. Can’t wait to book my trip. Leave some fish in the sea for ME! 🙂

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