Lake Okeechobee Florida Bass Fishing

Lake Okeechobee, Florida
Lake Okeechobee, Florida

Very big day on the Big’O with my friend Eddie Davis and my wife fun fishing on Lake Okeechobee Florida.  Drove down and stayed at the Best Western in the city of Okeechobee for less than a hundred a night.  Met Eddie the next morning at the ramp, loaded-up and passed canal to the mouth of Kissimmee river and out into the lake not far as we were already experiencing high winds.  The bite didn’t start until we ran back up the canal towards the Okeechobee City boat ramp.  Found them in some skinny water off the main canal, incidentally my wife “hung” a good one that got off after tug-of-war.  After several catches of bass we decided to try the main canal and Eddie was punching through the mats while I took the outside flipping.  We motored to the south side to check out the mouth of the canal leading to the main lake and found them staged in the pads.  Eddie threw a new Live Target Sunfish and caught a four “pounder,”  that was the start of some of the best fishing we’ve seen all year.  The Black Bass (Micropterus salmoides) were stacked, aggressive and we caught one right after another the same size.  We easily had a 20 pound bag of our best five when we finished the day-out in calmer waters on the Big’O.

One thought on “Lake Okeechobee Florida Bass Fishing

  1. This was one of my best days ever bass fishing. I can’t remember a time when we caught 4lber after 4lber. The Big O lived up to everything I ever heard about it. Paul puts us on the fish ever time we are fishing together. Great guide and a good friend.

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