Excellent Peacock Bass Fishing on Lake Ida, Florida


If you listen or read all the buzz about Peacock Bass in the south Florida, it’s true!  Lake Ida and the many canals near Ft. Lauderdale are inhabited by some huge Peacock for us to enjoy.  My good friend Eddie Davis was our guide and met us at the ramp with few dozen shiners and after a 15 minute ride we were on his favorite hotspot he fishes with his son from the bank.   Speaking of banks, little off the subject– on our way there, and unknown to me, was a dozen 2 foot Iguana’s sunning all down the canal we traveled.  Peacock bass get there name (Larson, 2016) from the circle dot on the end of the tail and put-up a fight like a salt water fish.  We caught  several Peacock bass and Eddie Davis top out with a 5 plus  on the grass-line and countless large mouths bass.  My wife also hauled in a 6 pound Large Mouth Bass.  Truth be told, they would not hit plastic baits that day.  All-in-all, I give this Bass Fishing Florida fishing excursion 5 stars even though it is a 3 hour drive from Orlando Florida.

Conditions: Partly cloudy, water temperature 81 degrees, wind from the east at 12 MPH and barometer steady on 10 April 2016.

The pictures tell it all.

2 thoughts on “Excellent Peacock Bass Fishing on Lake Ida, Florida

  1. What a great trip and story. Enjoyed it almost as much as fishing, but not quite. Sounds like an awesome fishing guide service. Can’t wait to book my trip. Leave some fish in the sea for ME! 🙂


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